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Style: Horror Punk / Crossover
Country: USA
File Size/Quality: 170 mb | MP3 320 Kbps
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01. The Virus (Night of the X.O.M.B.Y.)
02. Here Come the Dead
03. We All Know Where You Are
04. End of Days
05. Shotgun
06. The Agony
07. Z.P.S.
08. Death by Neon Lights
09. Don’t Bun the Witches
10. All Your Flesh Belongs to Me
11. The Red
12. Don’t Burn the Witches (Gettin’ Witchy Mix)
13. (Xim Yhctiw ‘Nitteg) Sehctiw Eht Nrub T’nod
14. Der Eht
15. Em Ot Sgnoleb Hself Ruoy Lla
16. Sehctiw Eht Nrub T’nod
17. Sthgil Noen Yb Htaed
18. S.P.Z.
19. Ynoga Eht
20. Nugtohs
21. Syad Fo Dne
22. Era Uoy Erehw Wonk Lla
23. Daed Eht Emoc Ereh
24. (Y.B.M.O.X. Eth Fo Thgin) Suriv Eht